Influencer Marketing

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Brands should be able to identify the right influencers who can not only promote their brand value, achieve business goals and objectives but influence the buyer’s decision-making process.
An Influencer is able to drive your brand’s message to the right prospects. Integrating key influencers into your content marketing helps you reach new audience, increase leads and customers with your brand messages that are both credible and trusted.

How to reach out to Influencers

In order to reach out to the right influencers to promote your brand you should  ensure that you put together an effective outreach strategy for each of your influencers individually. Look for the best ways to reach out to the influencers; do they prefer an email, a phone call, a mention on twitter, a tag on a post etc. Each influencer is different so you need to do your “homework”. Once you have determined the best method of contact ensure that you have the right pitch which offers value to you and the influencer. Remember the first impression matters so become their friend first on social media before reaching out.

How to influence influencers to share your content

  1. Mention them in any of your  blog post
  2. Ask them to contribute to your blog
  3. Get their testimonials
  4. Offer them new content, information
  5. Include their commentary and quotes

Getting influencers is not an easy task. However if done properly, Influencers will help increase leads and customers and drive traffic to your site.






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